Content Marketing Strategy - Solid Gold Tips To Grow Your Business.

Content Marketing Strategy – Solid Gold Tips To Grow Your Business.

Content Marketing Strategy

Hey guys! I wanted to share some really specific tips about your content marketing strategy here. Although it’s great to have a beautiful looking website, if you don’t have a content marketing strategy, then now is the time to dive right in. You’re missing a goldmine of ultra targeted website traffic you can convert into paying customers. Let’s go!

Publish blog posts regularly that are objectively 2x – 5x better than anything else out there on the same topic!

Yes, this will take time and effort. Yes, you will need to spend hours proofreading your writing and optimising your post. You can use Ubersuggest to find valuable keywords. Once you’ve found a suitable keyword, make sure that it appears in the title of your blog post, the meta-description, the first paragraph of your blog post, and in at least one H2 in your blog post. Also ensure that your keyword makes up 0.5% – 2% of your article’s word count.

But it’s not enough to just find a valuable keyword and sprinkle it throughout your article.

You also need to write well for your content marketing strategy to work. Don’t *ever* add fluff to hit the minimum 1,200 word suggestion for SEO. Proofread your writing closely. Make sure that every word and every sentence serves a purpose. Use an active voice instead of passive, use bold to drive home your key points, start your post with a compelling hook to lure readers in, always run your article through Grammarly, and don’t write paragraphs longer than 4-5 lines.

Also think about your buyer persona when writing a blog post. Write for them. What type of content will they find useful, actionable, and engaging? How would they react to every single sentence in your post? If a sentence isn’t serving a clear purpose for your target audience, remove it. If you follow these tips religiously and consistently blog (ideally at least twice per week), you’ll start ranking on search engines. But bear in mind that it does take time (3-4 months if you are posting high-quality content twice per week).

Start a weekly newsletter

A weekly newsletter is critical in effective marketing for technology companies. Provide helpful content, and make your subscribers feel special for being on your email list!

Here are some items a weekly newsletter might contain:

  • A brief description of your latest blog post (along with a link to it)
  • Helpful infographics showing new trends in your industry
  • Information about current events and news related to your industry
  • Articles from other high-quality sources that offer interesting information
  • Tips to grow their business
  • A special offer for your subscribers to take advantage of (such as a helpful piece of content you haven’t posted anywhere else yet, or maybe even a discount on a service exclusive to your email subscribers)

Build backlinks!

You need backlinks to increase your website’s domain authority and direct more traffic to your website. A constellation of backlinks scattered throughout the internet, linking back to your website, connects the dots between your content and your audience.

A website that just started out and has no backlinks is like an undiscovered island – possibly beautiful, but isolated, disconnected, and lacking a path for people to find it. Backlinks create pathways to your website, constructing routes to carry your target audience to your content.

You can add a backlink to your site on all of your company’s social media pages including your LinkedIn page. You can also create an account on Medium get another backlink. Medium is a helpful avenue to redirect traffic to your site, and it already has a built-in audience. First put your blog post up on your website, wait 24 hours for Google to “categorize” your post as originating from your website (so your website gets the search engine “credit”), and *then* post it to Medium.

Medium has a feature where you can directly upload a blog post from your website. This is helpful and includes a built-in “this post was originally published here” link, but it does require tweaking the formatting a bit.

Another suggestion is the backlink for a backlink strategy. Reach out to people on other blogs or companies who write about similar topics, and ask if they’ll include a backlink to one of your blog articles in a post. Offer to include a link to one of their posts on your blog. You can also use this as an opportunity to build a relationship with another company or blogger.

Bonus Content Marketing Strategy tips!

Creating a podcast also helps with backlink building. If someone likes your episode, they might link to it across their social media.

Finally, another clever strategy for backlink building is to ask people for quotes. People love to be quoted in articles. Contact an expert in your industry and ask if they’d like to be quoted in your next article. They may link to your article on their website, social media, and LinkedIn because it lends them credibility to have been quoted.

All in all, your content marketing strategy is about the long game. There really are no quick wins here. Stick at it, persevere and you’ll reap the rewards. Remember, you can use outsourced writers for your content such as iWriter or Textbroker if you’re not such a great writer. Good luck and let us know in the comments how you’re getting on!

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