Terms and Conditions - Pay Monthly Web Design

Terms and Conditions

We’re not into big scary contacts here but as we take a lot of the risk, we just need you to know a few bits of information before we start the process.We guarantee a 99% uptime for all our servers and email services. However, in the event of a service outage, we endeavour resolve the fault within 24 hours at an absolute maximum.


  • All website packages operate on a 12-month contract basis. Once the 12th payment has been taken the website and domain are yours to renew on a month by month rolling contract. Hosting is provided by Juicy Web Creations as part of the monthly subscription.


  • We offer revisions during the design process, with up to 3 full look and feel redesigns before your website goes live. If at any point before the website goes live, you are not happy with our work after you’ve used the 3 redesigns, we offer a full refund of any monies paid to Juicy Web Creations for this project.


  • If the subscription payment is not received within 7 days of the agreed payment date, the website and domain are passed to our collections department, at this point the website/domain and emails will no longer be visible or active. You will need to contact us at support@createtoinspire.co.uk to settle the months billing amount and reactivate the website. Please note, in total you will only have 14 days from the date of missed payment to reactivate the site before the website data and domain are erased. A late payment fee may be charged at our discretion.


  • If you wish to end the 12-month term early, the remaining months will be billable to terminate the contract. For example, if you wish to end the contract 3 months early, 3 months subscription will be billable.


  • At the end of the 12-month subscription term, you’ll have access to all admin panels and domain to do as you wish. We do not give these credentials out under any circumstances before the 12-month billing cycle is complete. Unless you use our “buy out” option and pay the remaining balance in full. To exercise this “buy out” right, please contact support@createtoinspire.co.uk.


  • You’ll be given “editor” access to the website in which you can add new content and news/blog posts if you’d like to do that yourself.


  • Email Storage Space is limited to 250mb per email account. Further storage and upgrades are available and can be discussed.